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I hope you are enjoying the Podcast and if you do, maybe you wish to share this joy with other people.

Therefore I though I give you some ideas about how this can be done.

Share links to the Website

The simplest thing to do is to share a link to this website. There are two ways to do that.

You can send someone a link to the overall website:

History of the Germans Podcast • Listen Here

Or you can choose to send just a link to a specific season or episode. For that just go to the respective webpage and copy it across. For instance if you want to send someone a link to the Ottonian Empire Season, this would be the link:

The Ottonian Emperors (919-1024) • History of the Germans Podcast

Or to Episode 8:

Episode 8 – An Imperial Bride • History of the Germans Podcast

If you share these links on Social media they would look like this:

Twitter/X, Bluesky & Threads



Instagram does not allo links to be posted. What you can do is click on the image on the website and save it as a WERP picture. That you can copy into your Instagram post. It looks a bit like this:

Share Links to Podcast players

If you want to get your friend to be able to dive in immediately, you can send him/her/they either a link to the History of the Germans on the player they are using:

Click here for links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other listening platforms
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Alternatively, if you do not know what platform is the right one you can use a Podfollow link. Podfollow identifies immediately which device the recipient uses, PC, Android or Apple. The link then automatically directs to either the website, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

You can get the link here: Podfollow

If you copy the link to the whole show you should get something like that

And if you choose a specific episode to share, it looks like that:

Add History of the germans to your Email signatire

If you are a dieheart fan of the show and you really want to spread the news, you can add a link to the history of the Germans to your email signature.

An Email signature is the piece of text that appears automatically at the bottom of every email you send. usually that would be your business or personal address, business registration number etc., much like a footer on a letterhead.

To set it Up, go to Outlook, right-click on the email account you want to set a signature for. Then click on “Account Properties”:

That gets you to this page. Go to “options” at the bottom left

Then you arrive here, where you choose “Mail” on the left and the “Signatures” on the right.

Finally you get to this mask where you can set a signature. You choose an email account. Then you either change your existing signature or create a new one (“new”), you give it a name and then you write whatever you want in the bottom box – preferably you add a link to the History of the Germans!

If you just want to use the logo, you can copy it from here, but solely for this purpose and with no other comment than the one above’ History of the Germans – Listen here