Herny V’s cunning Plan

Having lured his father into a trap and then deposed, we now have a new king. Last week you heard the story from the father’s perspective, this time we look at it from Henry V’s perspective. Maybe he was not as much of a rotten apple as it looks? For five years Henry can maintain the peace in Germany as well as with the papacy. But in 1110 he runs out of road. He needs to come to a lasting agreement with the intractable Pope Paschalis II. Paschalis himself is looking for a solution. And he comes up with […]

The end of Emperor Henry IV

It is hard to believe, but the last years of Henry IV’s tumultuous reign still held one final humiliation that capped the pain this man had already endured.

The First Crusade

In 1095 Pope Urban II launches the First Crusade and things get out of control almost immediately as preachers whip up crowds to set off immediately. These crowds bring unimaginable horrors to the Jewish communities in Mainz, Worms, Trier and elsewhere


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