Lothar III – 1125-1138

The age of the Hohenstaufen begins with an emperor who wasn’t a Hohenstaufen. Lothar of Supplinburg was a Saxon duke who had spent his early years in opposition to the reigning Salian house and their allies, the Hohenstaufen. The circumstances of his election victory against Frederick of Hohenstaufen kicks off the long lasting political antagonism between Staufer and Welf, between Guelphs and Ghibellines. But despite the outward differences in background and initial political positioning, Lothar III continued the Salian policy of forcing their will upon the princes and pushing back against the papacy. The new element he brings into imperial policy is the Eastern expansion that will ultimately bring about the Baltic empire of the Teutonic Knights and the Hanse.


Death of Emperor Henry V and election of Lothar of Supplinburg as Emperor Lothar III.


Civil War between Lothar III and the Hohenstaufen. Lothar defeats them


Church falls victim to a schism that pulls in all European monarchs. Lothar fights his way to Rome but dies upon his return