OTD, Henry II Plantagenet ascended to the throne of England. His claim to the throne came out of a peace agreement between his mother, Matilda and her cousin Stephen of Blois.

Matilda and Stephen had been fighting over the throne of England for almost 20 years – a period known as The Anarchy. The peace agreement stated that Matilda would leave Stephen on the throne, but upon his death the crown would go to her son, Henry Plantagenet.

What has that got to do with German history? Matilda was the widow of Emperor Henry V who had died in 1125 at the relative young age of 39. If he had lived the next chapters of English and German history could have developed quite differently. Matilda would not have married Geoffrey of Anjou and the Plantagenets would not have become the kings of England.

It is possible that Mtailda would have relied on her German husband for support in the struggle with Stephen of Blois and, had she been successful, her son would have become King of England and Holy Roman Emperor. The Kings of England would not have received Anjou and possibly not have married Eleanor of Aquitaine…..

A very different outcome.

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